2020 Visual Communications Design Publication is a yearly publication sponsored by the VCD department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The publication is meant to be commemorative and  highlight the great work that graduating undergraduate students have produced throughout their years at SAIC, and is distributed among them as a parting gift from their department.
This year, I designed to make the theme ‘weightless’. Wish our  graduating student can be creative, be fearless, and push against this boundary until design becomes an attitude. We hope our graduating class can enjoy this weightless environment and land on their own unique path.

This is a project that is competed among 10 students, and among those candidates, I was elected  as the winner as the winner. I am lucky to run this publication for 2020 issue. Wish my best to our graduating class.

VCD Publication


branding and identities, publication design, UIUX, illustrations, editorial design